5'5" player trained himself to dunk using Russian inspired training regimen
January 4, 2016 #behindthearc #nba
By Chris Ternate

At a mere five-feet-five-inches tall, Brandon Todd might be the last person you'd expect to dunk the ball given his relatively short stature. However, as his stout, muscular build alludes to, he's got some seriously explosive athleticism. Most impressively, the 30-year-old Todd trained himself to increase his vertical leap to the point where he could dunk the basketball with ease.

Todd, who played basketball at Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio, is no stranger to the hardwood. He even scored 1000 points at the college during his tenure there, as The Post Game points out. "The only secret to dunking," Todd told The Post Game, "is having a platform that is guided to jumping higher, becoming stronger and faster, following it to the maximum intensity, and giving yourself about six to eight months."

That's exactly what Todd did. As The Atlantic reported, Todd gained a whopping 85 pounds of muscle and "trained himself to dunk the ball through rigorous strength training, as well as running and jumping exercises" which were "inspired by Russian powerlifters."

"I stumbled upon a picture of a big, fat, huge, 1980's Russian powerlifter, and he was celebrating. He wasn't even trying to jump high, he was just jumping, and his feet were at the other person's head," he told The Post Game. He added, "I thought, if he's 5-8, 360-something pounds and he's jumping 55 inches off the ground on a celebration, I'm like, what's he doing?"

Though he doesn't play basketball at a competitive level anymore, his training regimen inspired him to create his personal system to increase vertical leap, FlytRight. Todd now serves as an inspiration to the little guy who believes that hard work can earn results. As he said to the crew who followed him for the short documentary "Five/Five", "Your biggest hurdle isn't your opponent, it's yourself." Truer words have never been spoken.

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