Jason Williams' 13-Year-Old Son Inherited His Ridiculous Ball Handling Ability
November 18, 2015 #behindthearc #nba
By Chris Ternate

Sons often take after their father's in surprisingly specific ways. They might bear similar physical features or adopt the same mannerisms for instance. In the case of many professional athletes, their kids can inherit natural athleticism and end up following in their parents' footsteps. Take Jason Williams' son Jaxon for example, who not only bears a physical resemblance to his father, but also looks like him on the court as well.

Surprisingly there have been quite a few second generation NBA players to enter the league, with notable fathers and sons like Joe Bryant and Kobe Bryant or Rick Barry and his three sons: Jon, Brent and Drew. Though many players tend to play different games compared to their fathers there are quite a few whose play styles mirror their father's.

Take for instance reigning NBA MVP and Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry. Much like his dad, Curry is a natural sharpshooter (in fact he just passed his father on the all-time 3-point list). Father/son duo Tim Hardaway and Tim Hardaway Jr. are also similar in that they are scoring guards with good ball handling skills.

So with so many children of former stars hitting the age when they can actually play basketball, you can't blame people for looking to them as potentially the next great superstar, especially when they play just like them. Case in point, Jaxon Williams, the son of the highly entertaining former NBA point guard Jason Williams.

Williams, who turned 40-years-old today was one of the most popular guards in the NBA primarily due to this flashy passing and fantastic ball handling skills. At the peak of his popularity with the "Greatest Show On Court" Sacramento Kings from 1998-2001, "White Chocolate" could often be seem dazzling crowds with gravity-defying precision passes. It was quite the sight to behold.

Now, this 13-year-old son is showing off an eerily similar style of basketball, emulating everything from his dad's spectacular arsenal:

Pinpoint precision bounce passes


A break neck ability to change direction And a silky smooth behind the back move or two... See both of them in action below: